Monday, 29 June 2015


Once upon a time there was a man with a beautiful daughter and her name was Ella. But a long time ago his wife died he married again and Ella's stepmother made Ella work every day. Ella's two ugly step sisters always told Cinderella she is  ugly and they were beautiful. 
Then 5 days later the king was having a ball. They got invited to the ball. 
Her stepmother said, "You can't go to the ball you have to do your chores and when you have done the housework you can come to the ball."
Cinderella's  fairy godmother said, "You can go to the ball now."
Cinderella said, "I can't go to the ball in rags."
"Let me fix that." said her fairy godmother.
She waved her magical wand and Cinderella's ragged things turned into a beautiful dress.
Her fairy godmother said, "You need to be back at midnight because the magic will be gone and you will be in rags again."
 Cinderella went to the ball. They looked at Cinderella as she was walking down the steps. The prince was amazed by her beauty.
The prince said, "May I take this dance with you."
The ugly sisters looked at Cinderella and said, "We have seen that girl before.
Cinderella said to the prince, "Everyone is looking at you." The prince said, "No everyone is looking at you."
Cinderella was not looking at the clock. It struck midnight.
Cinderella said, "I really need to go."
She ran down the steps. One of Cinderella's glass slipper fell off. 
The prince picked it up and said to his mother and father, "The girl of my dreams has gone."
Tomorrow morning I will go to every girl in the land. Whoever can fit this glass shoe will become my wife. He went to every house in the land. The last house was Cinderella's house. The servant came in with the shoe. The ugly sisters came rushing into the room. The ugly sisters snatched the shoe off the servant. They tried it on.
"This shoe had fit perfectly at the ball," said one of the sisters.
The stepmother got the key and locked Cinderella into the room and went downstairs. Cinderella called her friends to get the key and open the door. Now I can prove the shoe is mine. The shoe fit Cinderella.
The prince said, "We you marry me?"
The servants took Cinderella back to the palace where the prince was waiting. They lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Have you ever looked up at the night sky and gazed at the starts you might have seen a group of seven stars those stars are Coll Matariki 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Delicious Milo

Class 15 & class 13 had milo, it was delicious.

It tasted like yummy chocolate. It was amazing,

thank you mrs Trimble for the milo.   

Colour poem

My colour is blue

My colour tastes like blueberries

My colour  smells like the sky

My colour sounds blueberries.

My colour feels like a little baby bluebirds

My colour looks like a mummy bluebird 


Today a kingfisher flew into our class window.

Making Milo

Instructions for making milo.

.1  You need a heatproof cup.

.2  Put a teaspoons of milo.

.3 Then a jug of water.

.4 Put the jug of water is hot you can pour it in the cup.

.5  Then you can mix the water and the milo together.

.6   And then put milk in and mix it together.

.7 And then you drink it yummy.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maui and the Sun

A long time ago there was a man called Maui. Maui had an idea. The idea was to get the sun  because the day was too short. Maui said "Brother the days are too short, we do not have time to fish hunt and eat".

So Maui and his brothers went to get the sun. The sun said "Let me go let me go I am going to die." the sun was nearly dead so the sun was slow. Maui and his brothers were happy and the sun was not,

The boys left the sun and went to fish hunt and eat .