Monday, 31 July 2017

Amzing Space Story

It is the year 4017 me and my Robot Wall-E  have been in Space for 1 week and still know syn of a plant. We had to go to Space to look for a new plant because  Earth is dying. And getting polluted and people are getting sick. Because there is no food.

Me and wall-E are looking at all the amazing plants and all of the stars but then out of know wear a flying Spacecraft came straight for us.Then really fast we moved to the side.Then Another came past we didn't see it and we crashed.

Then we woke on a planet and then we saw lots of trees so we got out of the spacecraft and looked around. And me and Wall-E looked around an we saw lots of trees but there was a problem. But there was no water  and if there was no water we  can’t live on the plant.

But Then we found out that Neptune had water so we made water pipes and then me and wall-e had filled them with water and then we lived happily ever after.