Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Dear Helpers  Thank you for Athletics Day. And for your support and also organising. The Fun activities and games.

Athletics Day was fun and was very sunny. There were so many games and activities there was the high jump, Relays , Sprinting and other things. They Were Really Fun

My Favourite Part was The Parent, teacher , Student challenge when the teacher all get in one big group and chose 2 students and 3 adults or more it was a little funny because team one had a lot of little kids but it was funny to see that they were winning

Next year i hope that we get way more activities and also i hope we will still have dodgeball because that was one of the things that i really enjoyed and also Tug o war that was fun too we even got to vs the teachers  it was funny because all of the teachers fell down.

I really enjoyed dodgeball it was funny and fun and also i learnt that you have to follow the rules so other people don’t get hurt but no one got hurt they had to throw the ball below the waste some people were really hard to get out especially the tall ones they would trick when you get ready to throw the ball once the ball is in the air the will get their ball and throw it at your ball and then it will come right back at you.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Back In Da Days 90's R&B

In the weekend me and leilani want to do something that was older than us so we said why don't we do something that related to the 90's so then we said why don't we compere music and styel to our days so we did it and we were happy.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


This Week room 7 is learning about limericks and limericks are like a poem.