Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Robin Hood

A long long time ago there was a man called Robin Hood. He lived in the Sherwood Forest Nottingham. Robin Hood was not allowed at the village because he had to go away he left the people with No money so they can't by things. Robin Hood is also good because when Robin Hood gets the Money from the rich people and gives it to the poor people they said thank you Robin Hood. But someone was not happy it was the king he was angry.  

He said,"who has my money. Robin Hood ran away until he got home. When he was walking home he saw a picture saying someone was having a bow and arrow contest. But it was a trap so they can get Robin Hood.

When he to the bow and arrow contest the guard said, "look there's Robin Hood."

Robin Hood was safe, the guards went away and Robin Hood got the silver trophy. Robin Hood friends cheered for Robin Hood so Robin Hood had once more outwitted the sheriff of nottingham. 

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