Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Year 5 and 6 camp

Have you ever been to year 5 and 6 camp before. Well I have on wednesday the 8th of march 2017.
The year 5 and 6 went to Pt England camp.

On Wednesday the 8th to the 10 th of march the year 5 and 6 had camp at Pt England school.
We had to come to school in our normal clothes. When you get to school and the bell rings you have to go to the hall and sit in your camp group line’s.My group was the Sheriffs but there were the Presidents, Chiefs, Captains, Generals and principal.There were so many games and activities like free time in the hall, kayaking, killer zone and Get lost. It was not really scary it was like a race we had to work together to win the race but the rules were not to touch the ground. And get lost was like Amazing race.

My highlight was going kayaking because I liked going around the pole and back I went into a double on with my friend jordin we were scared that we were going to fall out. But Mr Burt said put one leg  in then put your bum then put your other leg in the start moving your paddle and try go around the pole.

Thank you to the cooks, scarcity at night time. And a big thank you to Mr Moran for waking up eraly in the morning and teaching your class and helping look after us and a big thatnk you to Mr Burt for taking 2 days of to help look after us at camp.
Thank you Miss Parrnat 

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  1. Hey Delijah

    Wonderful writing I like how you added why you are giving a thank you too also I like houw you have put photos of most of the things that we did.

    Keep up the great work