Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Walt: Write from the 1st person

When I washed up on a island i felt lost and also scared. When I looked around all I could see was sand and trees. Then I went to look around it was really quite.

Then I saw it  was going to get dark, I saw some long sticks a some big leafs. Then I had an idea so I gathered up the sticks and leafs.Then with  my hands I got some water and mud to hold the sticks. Once I did that I got the leafs and put them all over the sticks I got allot of sand and put it inside so i have something soft.

That day I felt hungry, so I went to go and find some food. That day I remembered that I saw a coconut tree somewhere, I went to go and find that. I found some coconut and took  it back to the shelter. After that I went to go and get some  sticks and sea shells, then made a hook, So went and got the fish then I  saw that it was getting dark. So I made a fire I had to try six times to get it. The fire kept me warm and and with the coconut I cut it in half with the sea shell it looked like a bowl so I made some raw fish with coconut water and fish, also I found a spring onion plant so I got the sea shell and cut it, that's yum.

After one week I decided to ask for help so I made a big fire and wrote the word help very very very big. I had a sleep it was the next day.

This week room 7 is writing a story of what it would be like if we got stuck on an island and had no food. And how to get back home.

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