Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Great Chocolate Review

The Great Chocolate Review

The product was delicious. And I thought that it was awesome I  tasted a pinch of  salt and drizzled with fresh caramel. And loaded with salt and caramel candy rocks.

Salted caramel candy rock chocolate  .  The product  looked square shaped the product had cadbury carved in the middle of each square . And it was coloured brown.

The Cadbury chocolate  tasted  salty and  delightful caramel. In the chocolate there was little salty and caramel candy rocks inside the middle of the caramelized chocolate.  It Smelt  like  sweet candy chocolate. And felt very hard but smooth.

The product is wonderful.  I would improve this chocolate as. I would ask my mum if she could buy this every day and put it in my lunch box.

I would recommend the product as the best chocolate in the whole of New Zealand. I would give this chocolate 100%100.

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